This Library in Kansas City is a Giant Bookshelf of 25 Foot Tall Books

1 Apr , 2016

The Kansas City Public Library in Missouri has one of the most unique architectural designs of a library that you […]

The Monaco House – Urbanism in Melbourne, Australia

29 Mar , 2016

The Monaco House The Monaco House is a unique commercial project that was designed by the McBride Charles Ryan team […]

The Pink Mosque: An Unbelievably Beautiful and Colorful Mosque in Iran

1 Mar , 2016

The Extraordinary Pink Mosque The Pink Mosque, also known as the Nasir ol Molk Mosque, is a beautifully designed building […]

The Piano Building in China is a 50:1 Scale Grand Piano and Violin Shaped Building Designed using Transparent Glass

29 Feb , 2016

The Piano Building in Huainan, Anhui Province, China is perhaps one of the most beautiful buildings in China, and if […]

Architects are using Hypercubes and Geometry to Design the Costa Rica Congress Hall

25 Feb , 2016

CAZA is the architectural design studio that has designed what would be the most interesting architectural building in Costa Rica. […]

The Da Vinci Tower is an 80-Floor Skyscraper that Rotates 360° in 90 Minutes

24 Feb , 2016

The Da Vinci Tower, also known as the Dynamic Tower is a design by the architect David Fisher, who is […]

Snøhetta’s Concept Design for the Obama Presidential Center in Honolulu, Hawaii

23 Feb , 2016

Since the White House in Washington DC will soon be occupied by another president, Obama will need to settle on […]

Shimao Wonderland Hotel in Shanghai is Built into an Abandoned Quarry and Features Underwater Rooms

22 Feb , 2016

The Shimao Wonderland Hotel in Shanghai, China is a project that was started back in 2006 and was expected to […]

Extraordinary Towers in Australia Covered with Vertical Gardens Using 38,000 Exotic Plants

22 Feb , 2016

My favorite architectural buildings in Australia are the One Central Park towers located in Sydney which consist of two individual towers […]

These Greenhouses Use Excess Heat from a Distillery to Grow Tropical Herbs and Spices that are Infused into the Gin

18 Feb , 2016

This is perhaps one of the coolest the greenhouses you will ever see. Most greenhouses are incredibly boring and they […]